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Personnel and vehicle tracking system for Saint-Gobain Gyproc production plant

AutoID Polska S.A. in cooperation with Impel Security Sp. z o.o implemented a personnel and vehicle tracking system for Saint Gobain Construction Products Polska Sp. z o.o. Oddział Fabryka Rigips-Stawiany.

The system consisted of the following modules:

  • Personnel Access Control - comprising several dozen two-way gateways within the company compound and several turnstile controllers. Thanks to utilizing biometric technology with live tissue detection (Virdi AC2100 and AC5000 terminals) the system guarantees a high level of security. As a result of using sophisticated access controllers AC-104, manufactured by AutoID Factory Sp. z o.o, it was possible to use some older, already functioning readers in the buildings, dramatically reducing the project cost.
  • Vehicle Access Control – aside from personnel access control, the system also encompasses vehicles entering and exiting the premises. Thanks to long range RFID the process is fully automated for both driver and security guard. This is achieved by installing a RFID tag in the vehicle (e.g. windshield sticker), which upon approaching the gate is automatically detected and recognized by antennas installed in posts. At this point the control unit checks the database for access authorization for the specific vehicle and if such was granted,allows entry on to the premises. Vehicles exiting the grounds are also monitored in a two step process. First the vehicle tag is read by the RFID antenna, afterwards a security guard performs an inspection which he verifies by scanning his ID badge. As a result, vehicle details, time of exit, conformation of inspection and the last name of the guard are registered. Additionally a camera may be activated and the inspection registered in the system.
  • Vehicle notifications – Vehicle Access Control is also connected with a currently operational notification system within the company. The Access Control software upon identifying a vehicle sends a query to the notification system whether this particular vehicle, at this specific time may enter the premise, and depending on the response allows the the vehicle to enter by opening the gate or denies entrance within specified hours and notifies the driver via text message or displays the information on an indicator board.  
  • Time and Attendance – the main premise of Time and Attendance is the control of time spent at the workplace by employees, for Saint-Gobain it was equally crucial to assign these hours to the cost center, in this case, specifically production orders. At the being of the shift an employee clocks in using their ID badge and with a bar code reader chooses the order on which they will work ( this can be a specific task or simply the client for who the order is produced). Due to such thorough analysis Saint-Gobain gains detailed information on personnel costs for each order or the manufacturing costs of any given product. This also allows to identify any downtime and changeovers in order to optimize and streamline the production process and improve worker efficiency.

rfid parking1All the modules are operated with one proximity card supported by biometric features. There is one common database and management software for all the modules which greatly improves and simplifies managing and operating the system. Prior to the implementation our client had three different software systems, one for access control, a separate one for time and attendance and yet another one for vehicle control, which was very inconvenient and required the involvement of many people from different departments.

Central management of all the modules through the UNIS Platform also allows a user to be assigned different identifiers, such as ID cards, vehicle RFID tags or license plates.

Thanks to full integration with the vehicle notification system, use of tags and long range RFID antennas, vehicle control is automated, as well as virtually maintenance-free allowing the guards to concentrate only on personnel and vehicle inspections.


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