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UNIS Time & Attendance and Access Control in Mota Engil Central Europe

Mota-Engil Central Europe is one of the largest domestic construction companies in Poland. Formed as the result of a merger between two Polish enterprises: Krakowskiego Przedsiebiorstwa Robot Drogowych S.A. (KPRD) and Przedsiebiorstwa Budowy Mostow in Lubartow Sp. z o.o. (PBM) both of which have been present on the local market since 1949.

Today, Mota-Engil Central Europe is a steadfast construction company drawing on more then 60 years of Polish road and bridge building tradition, simultaneously specializing in residential/commercial/industrial including power grid and railway construction as well as real estate. The company also owns a granite quarry in Gorka Sobocka from where they mine and sell high quality aggregate.

Mota Engil Central Europe has completed hundreds of kilometers of highways and expressways that were crucial to Poland, build many housing complexes, public buildings and electrical substations. Operating as the general contractor for the largest building projects in Poland, Mota Engil Central Europe employs over 1500 people and cooperates with dozens of local companies.

Due to dynamic development and growing number of persons employed our Client expressed a need for a system, that will automate, speed up and streamline the working time registration process of office as well as in the field employees and to simplify HR accounting tasks.

The second crucial element was to provide authorized only access to buildings and be able precisely account for each person in case of a fire or other hazardous situations.

After some brief consultations and discussing the paramount benefits our Client quickly made a decision to implement the Unis system with the following modules:

  • Unis T&A (time and attendance)
  • Unis Access Control
  • Unis Guest Book ( visitor management)

The first stage of the implementation involved the installation of T&A solution devices in several locations.

Afterward it was expanded by dozens of Access Control points with turnstiles regulating the traffic of people at the main entrances to buildings followed by a complete visitor management system which included the issuance of temporary badges.

The devices chosen were the Virdi MPC040 controllers together with the Virdi VS-R20 card readers.

As a result of the implementation our Client gained the following:

  • one centrally managed system using MS SQL data bases
  • restricted access to specified zones and premises by unauthorized persons
  • real-time identification of all employees, staff and visitors with full reporting module capability and evacuation list generating
  • automated time and attendance employee data collection via integration with SAP HCM
  • expediting and streamlining HR tasks

Following the implementation and launching of the system AutoID Polska S.A provided support and assistance to the users as well as offers support services to meet the Clients current needs.


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